This is a line breeding off EWK produced dogs.  Wisp is off our foundation dam, Gracie's Fire in the Hole ("Char") and Blevins' Cadillac Escalade (2015).  She has competed in Barn Hunt and accomplished her Novice title.  Wisp is very drivey and a well-put together female with a stable temperament.  This will be her first litter and we are excited to see how she produces.  Primer is off our female, EWK's Flirting With Disaster ("Flirt"), also a Char daughter, bred to Cowan's Goober,  a now retired hunting dog, who also has won several Iron Dog 3 competitions without even any formal training.  EWK's Primer is a young dog with a lot of promise in sport work -- we just need to tap it.  He was tested last year for an ACAL temperament test and was awarded an ACAL1.  Both Wisp and Primer achieved their ABA conformation championships in February 2019.    These puppies will most likely be very driven and active so new homes for these guys will be selected accordingly.  Deposits are now being accepted as we have confirmed pregnancy.  We have only 2 male puppies born in this litter on 4/11/19.  Both are reserved, but this breeding will be repeated in the fall.  Go to our "Males" page to see more about Primer, and our "Females" page to see more about Wisp.

Random Puppy Pics from a prior litter...



ABA CH. EWK's Primer, ACAL1, OFA, NCL Clear, Ich Clear

ABA CH. EWK's Char's Li'l Wisp of Grace,  RATN,  OFA  

NCL Clear, Ich Clear