ABRA Ch. Gracie's Fire in the Hole aka "Char"

Sire:    Davis' Capt. Nemo

Dam:  EWK's Grace Under Fire of Kadig

Born:  11-19-09

Weight: 70 lbs.

Titles: ABRA Champion, FedAB BST, SchH BH, ACAL 1-3, SDA3, SDA5, RATN

Health: OFA Good

NCL: Clear

Ichthyosis: Clear

Produced:  Char was bred to Blitz (RIP), and produced well.  We kept Flirt and Blast from that litter, and our friend, Laz, of Laz' Hard Chargers American Bulldogs, owns Yugo.  All are currently training for working titles (Yugo has an IPO2).  Both Flirt and Blast are ABRA Champions.  Char was bred to Blevin's Cadillac Escalade in spring 2015, and produced some very nice pups, some of which are placed in working homes, including one in Finland, one in the Phillipines, and one as a Texas hog catching dog.  We kept the one we named Wisp, and she has great potential as a sport dog for us.  Char's last breeding was to Norcal's D'Cash, IPO3.  All placed in working and show homes.

ABRA Ch. Flirting with Disaster aka Flirt

Sire:    ABRA Ch. Blitzkrieg of EWK ("Blitz")

Dam:  EWK's Fire in the Hole ("Char")

Born:  4-21-12

Weight: 85 lbs.

Titles: ABRA  Champion, Canine Good Citizen, FedAB OBT, Lure Coursing, RATN

Health: OFA Good, PennHip ,45/.39

NCL: Clear

Ichthyosis: Carrier

Produced:  Bred 1/1/17 to Laz' Hard Chargers Cpt. Krunch of EWK- puppies still available as of 6/2/17.

EWK's Nina Que Quiera Vengarse

Sire:    EWK's Vengeance is Mine

Dam:  EWK's Marana Chica de Souza

Born:  5/30/13

Weight: 45 lbs.

Titles: ABRA Jr. Champion

Health: OFA Good (prelim)

NCL: Clear

Ichthyosis: Unknown (test pending)

Produced:  Not yet bred, but plans are in the works to breed her to Blast in 2017.

EWK'sDouble Shot of Graceof Laz's Hard Chargers

Sire:   ABRA Ch. Laz's Hard Chargers AB's Kapt. Krunch of EWK, BST1, IPO3 (pronounced), IDT3 (Ranked)

Dam:  Laz's Hard Chargers AB's Racey Lacey of EWK

Born:  5-26-14

Weight: 70 lbs.

Titles:  TBD

Health:  TBD

NCL: Clear

Ichthyosis: Clear

Produced: Not Yet Bred

EWK's Char's Li'l Wisp of Grace 

Sire:   Blevin's Cadillac Escalade, NKC Supreme Gr. Ch., ABRA Ch., UKC Ch.

Dam:  Gracie's Fire in the Hole ("Char")

Born:  4-30-15

Weight: 70 lbs.

Titles:  RATN

Health:  Pending

NCL: Clear

Ichthyosis: Clear

Produced: Not Yet Bred