Koa's Hat Trick of SAB ("Tonka) (RIP)

Sire:  Koa's Hat Trick of SAB

Dam:   Dual Gr. Ch. Thunderstruck's Tewa of SAB ("Lavern")

Born:   @ 2001 - 2007

Weight: 108 lbs.

Titles:  Working American Bulldog Association BST1

Health: OFA Good, PennHip .32/.33

NCL: Clear

Ichthyosis: Clear

Produced: EWK's Blitzkrieg, and his litter, were produced breeding Tonka to Chica.  Large size, slow maturing, happy workers.  Tonka was purchased by a physician as a family pet and spent the majority of his life traveling to and from the hospital with his owner. We purchased all collected semen from Tonka, which currently in storage with ICSB, and available for use on approved bitches. Tonka is another underrated and underused dog.  We hope to produce another litter with him to the right female.

Vengeance is Mine of EWK "Vennie"

Sire:  Boyd's Alaskan Blizzard

Dam:  EWK's Grace under Fire of Kadig ("Grace")

Born:  7-16-07

Weight: 70 lbs.

Titles:  ACAL 1-3

Health: OFA Good, PennHip .43/.36

NCL: Clear

Ichthyosis: Clear

Produced:  Vennie has only been bred once, to Chica, and that breeding only produced one puppy, Nina.

Comments:  Vennie had Valley Fever and was on medication for a few years.  He has been off medication for about a year and we are hoping it will increase his motility.  Vennie suffered an injury to his jaw that has made sport work not possible, but he is one of the best working dogs out there and it is unfortunate that he will not be able to work toward the titles to prove it.

ABRA Ch. Blitz' Blast of EWK

Sire:   ABRA Ch. Blitzkrieg of EWK ("Blitz")

Dam:  EWK's Fire in the Hole ("Char")

Born:  4-21-12

Weight: 85 lbs.

Titles: ABRA Jr. Champion

Health: OFA Good; PennHip .31/.35

NCL: Clear

Ichthyosis: Clear

Produced:  Not yet bred