Blitz' Blast of EWK

Welcome to our video gallery.  Most of the videos you will see on here are raw and unedited and are just training - not finished products!  Sidebar commentary in the background may or may not be endorsed by Eagles Wing Kennels.  Sometimes we having just a little too much fun. :)


Gracie's Fire in the Hole of EWK ("Char")

Char has been a very fun dog to own and she reproduces her drive in her offspring.  She has a lot of prey drive and when the fight is on in protection, she is in it to win it.  If there is an object of her desire, she will do whatever needs to be done to get it.  She also has shown us that we can pretty much throw her into anything and she will do it, even Barn Hunt, which really isn't much of a stretch with a dog having this much prey drive... maybe a little too much for Barn Hunt...

Vengeance is Mine of EWK "Vennie"

These videos were taken one weekend in Nuevo, CA at an ABRA show and working event.  Vennie was originally justalong for the ride, since Valley Fever had created an injury in his jaw that caused us to retire him from bitework.  We decided since he loved it so much to give him a chance to earn a title of some sort, and he was feeling good, so we pulled him out of the trailer and let him go.  He had not trained in years.  This dog naturally is just  who he is.